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Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming to "more PC platforms"

So long, Windows Store!

Sega recently gave free-to-play action-RPG Phantasy Star Online 2 a long-overdue western release with two gutting caveats: it's on the Windows 10 Store; and it's only for North America. Microsoft's Store is enough of a mess that some would-be players still can't play PSO2. While sadly they still don't have anything to say about a European launch, there is good news for stores. Alongside announcing the first big update for America, where players will fight a vintage battleship, Sega confirmed PSO2 is coming "to more PC platforms soon."

Eight years after its Japanese debut, Phantasy Online Star 2 launched on PC in North America on May 27. Three weeks on, Sega say they "are still working closely with Microsoft to solve the issues" that are stopping some from downloading or installing the game. Yup, that Microsoft Store sure can be a nuisance. Sega don't name the other PC platforms (plural) PSO2 is headed to but odds are good that at least one is better.

Sega laid out their roadmap for content updates today. There's a whole lot to catch up on from the Japanese edition, and the first big post-launch lump will arrive in August with new quests, new stories, and a higher level cap. And really, a battleship.

"During our E3 2019 announcement, one of the lines read 'All the Content', and we know many of you must be wondering what it means for the launch of PSO2 in North America," they said. "Well, we intend to keep this promise while also making sure series veterans and newcomers alike get to experience the story unfolding with each new episode release as it was originally intended."

Yeah yeah, now what about Europe? I've known folks who enjoyed PSO2 enough to play on the distant Japanese servers and I want to see what's up.

Update: Oh hey, helpful commenter Jue Viole Grace points out that the fan-made PSO2 Tweaker was recently updated to support installing the game from outside the Microsoft Store.

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