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Phoenix Point prepares to unearth its Legacy Of The Ancients DLC

Oldies, but goodies.

Like generations of dwarves and weird west prospectors before it, Phoenix Point has dug too deep. Arriving tomorrow, the second DLC for Snapshot Games' bug-shooting strategy delves into the Legacy Of The Ancients - unearthing a trove of new story missions, environments, and enemies wrapped around a long-forgotten faction of bronze robots at the center of the Earth.

Wouldn't be a proper sci-fi setting without the genre-mandated elusive precursor race, now, would it? Forerunners, Protheans, and now the mysterious Antediluvians - living 100,000 years ago must've been a riot.

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Long before our ancestors were kicking about with this "standing on two legs" lark, the Antediluvian's supposedly had their own globe-spanning civilization up and running. Now, the gang at Phoenix Point have unearthed their tech - but they're not the only ones looking for a leg up from the ancients. Besides, with all these young'uns fighting over their stuff, the Antedi's guardians might just wake up and put their own gloves in the ring.

On top of a new story arc bringing you into the Antediluvian domain, Legacy Of The Ancient promises to add some terrifying new baddies to blasts - along with some "deadly evolutions" of existing foes. Survive, and you'll find yourself with a lovely stockpile of old gems to dust off and plug into your R&D department, creating some lovely new weapons to play with. Hey, maybe you can use them to upgrade the robot head you acquired in PP's previous DLC, Blood And Titanium.

Legacy Of The Ancients is out Wednesday on the Epic Games Store for £7.99/$9.99, or as part of the Phoenix Point Season Pass.

Correction: This post originally said the DLC was out today, because they released an announcement saying it was out today. Naw, they meant tomorrow.

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