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Sci-fi strategy Phoenix Point sees its final official update for PC

The update is out now and includes mod support on Steam

X-COM creator Julian Gollop’s turn-based tactics sci-fi strategy Phoenix Point has seen its final official update on PC to coincide with the release of a complete edition of the game. Out now, Phoenix Point: Complete Edition includes all six DLC released to date. You can take a look at everything included in the package by watching the trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoPhoenix Point: Complete Edition - Now Available on PC, Mac and Stadia (ESRB)
Phoenix Point: Complete Edition wraps together all the previously released DLC for the game.

Devs Snapshot Games say the ‘Hastur’ update finally introduces the long-requested feature of Steam Workshop support to let players muck about designing their own content for the game. To mark the launch of mod support, Snapshot have released their own ‘Custom Campaign’ on Steam, which allows for way more customisation in the game than was possible previously. They’ve also made all soldier skins free, including ones only available on console before, and added two new skins: Aztec Priest and Pandoran Technician.

Phoenix Point was originally released back in December 2019. It’s had a fair bit of DLC since then, such as the will-sapping mechanics of Corrupted Horizons back in October, giant flying monsters in Festering Skies in May last year, and the subterranean robots of Legacy Of The Ancients in August 2020, just for example. There’s been a number of free updates to the game along the way too. The Complete Edition has bundled all of that into one handy alien lump.

Jeremy Peel thought the game had “slow-burn greatness” in his Phoenix Point review. “It’s a game where you might be exploring a site, bracing for ambush, but instead find an abandoned theme park dedicated to a novelty boy band of hedge fund managers called the Lucrative Lads,” he said. “Where you dread the thud of a parasitic worm dropping from a roof to the ground at your feet. Where the cold utilitarianism trained by XCOM slowly melts, and ideology begins to influence your diplomacy.”

Phoenix Point: Complete Edition is out now on Steam, GOG, the Epic Games Store and the Microsoft Store for £24/$29/€29. It’s on Google Stadia too. There’s a demo up on Steam if you want to give Phoenix Point a go.

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