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Vampires Rule The World in New Plague Inc Mode

Hominus Nocturna

Plague Inc: Evolved [official site] typically has you behind the reigns of a pathogen with the objective of killing the Earth's population. This week's Shadow Plague update has added quite a different new virulent force, one with a fondness for crushed velvet.

The latest update gives you access to the Shadow Plague, a sentient pathogen that triggers a thirst for blood and general vampirism. Controlling one single vampire, you'll seek to turn the world to your bidding.

As a vampire, airport and harbor closures mean nothing to you... unless the game goes by traditional vampire rules and states you must be invited into those places in order to gain access. Oooooh, spooky! You can gain the ability to shift into the form of a bat to bypass conventional means of travel though, so there's that. There'll be opposition, too. What kind of game would this be without it? Not only will you have to deal with the nations of the world trying to develop a cure, the Templar order will spring up to hunt you and your vampire thralls down.

With its Blood Cults, Templars, Vampires, and ancient plagues, the latest update adds an interesting new way to play. It also follows Football Manager in adding Brexit, Britain's recent referendum over whether to stay in the European Union or leave. Ndemic Creations explain:

"As for Brexit - once the results of the referendum are declared - the player can use their disease to help influence the path the UK takes - creating conditions to allow a soft or hard Brexit - or even a terrifying 'brutal' Brexit. For people who would rather not leave the EU - there is also the possibility to turn back time and keep the UK inside the union instead!"

If you don't already own Plague Inc: Evolved, you can purchase it now on Steam for £11.99/14,99€/$14.99.

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