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Plague Inc to be infected with anti-vaxers after successful petition

The people have spoken. The people, it turns out, would like anti-vaxers to be added to Plague Inc, an infect 'em up inspired by (well, copied from) hit noughties flash game Pandemic. You play as a disease attempting to eradicate humanity, like a viral incarnation of Nickelback*. Anyone who says never has a meaningful impact on the world is a fool.

Developers Ndemic Creations have heard your cries, and announced a special scenario involving anti-vaxers. An easier one, presumably.

The scenario has only been confirmed for the version of the game that is actually called Plague Inc - the one that actually only exists on phones, unlike the PC edition called Plague Inc: Evolved. Previous special scenarios have appeared in both, though, so I expect we'll be buddying up with virus-loving hooligans soon. Yunno. The real monsters.

The petition has racked up over 20,000 signatures since it was started a week ago. That's twice the number developers Ndemic Creations declared action worthy.

The devs do point out that they've already made a science denial scenario, where every country in the world except one turns its back on sweet sweet science.

That Plague Inc Twitter account is worth a follow, by the way. Not for the boring videogame news - who even reads that anyway - but for the neat science articles they sprinkle inbetween. Like this one about translating brain waves into human speech.

You can grab Plague Inc: Evolved on Steam for £12/$15/€15.


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