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Pandemic Vs. Pandemic: Plague Inc Adds Multiplayer

Strategic plaguing

Is engineering an infection to wipe out all humanity not enough for you? Once you've finally cracked the frigid stronghold of Greenland, do you still demand more glory? Then here: Plague Inc: Evolved [official site] will now let you test your pandemic powers against other players with competitive multiplayer.

Strategy plague 'em ups can lose their novelty once you've figured out a few ways to trash humanity (though Plague Inc does have all sorts of mods), so having to go up against someone else in a race to conquer the world sounds interesting. Two players go head to head in the new multiplayer mode, trying to infect the world without being other wiped out by the other player or cured by those pesky humans. It brings new evolutions, abilities, and genes that might, for example, let you capitalise upon your opponent's successes or actively try to expose them to scientists.

"Will you spread slowly, stay under the radar and let humanity and your enemy battle it out, or be aggressive, fight the cure and use total organ failure to gather huge amounts of DNA?" ask developers Ndemic Creations. "Or maybe you should focus all your efforts hunting down the other plague in order to wipe it out before it can spread at all."

Check the patch notes for all this update added.

Ndemic plan to add co-op too, and finally launch out of Early Access in "early 2016." The game's £8.03 on Steam at the moment for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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