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Planet Of Lana is an eye-popping sci-fi platformer with an alien monkey butler

Warning: also contains huge spider monsters

Sci-fi platformer Planet Of Lana seems like a sweet, scenic adventure with an alien monkey butler, and today’s Future Games Show had a little more gameplay to share. I mentioned Planet Of Lana earlier this week in my Day Of The Devs 2022 round-up, because it featured in that indie showcase too. Check out the trailer if you missed it on Thursday, it’s quite charming.

Cover image for YouTube videoPlanet of Lana - Future Game Show Gameplay Trailer 2022
Watch out for the various spider-aliens in pretty puzzle platformer Planet Of Lana.

There’s a feel of the Ori series and older platformers such as Another World to Planet Of Lana. You’ll need to ask your extraterrestrial chum to interact with other aliens as you progress on your journey to rescue Lana’s kidnapped sister from sinister robots. Said robots rattle about on spindly spider-legs so I find them unsettling. They’re a bit like the guardians from Breath Of The Wild, with their glowing eyes that turn red when they’re about to do something particularly robotic and nasty.

The game was announced at last year’s Summer Game Fest and is styled as an “off-Earth odyssey”. It certainly has a few types of environments that I’m going to guess are different planets Lana can visit, because the devs say the story “stretches across galaxies and centuries”. Some truly ginormous alien creatures – friendly and unfriendly – make an appearance in the trailer, and I like the look of sailing with your monkey pal above the huge whale-creature. The art design and animation are pretty spectacular, so even if it turns out to be a middling environmental puzzler then at least it’ll be pleasant to gawp at.

Planet Of Lana will release on Steam this year, but we haven’t been given a firm date beyond that. It’s also coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles.

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