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Players are pulling wild stunts with Call Of Duty: Warzone's vehicles

Chop chop

There is a lot to praise about Call Of Duty: Warzone. I like the map. I like the helicopters. I like the mid-game missions, even though Infinity Ward just removed the best type. The vehicles in general, though, deserve more attention.

I'd like you to enjoy these videos in particular, where two players park their helicopters on top of each other while another downs an entire squad with their quad bike.

You'll catch some players complaining about how easy it is to kill people with vehicles, but those players are easy to ignore. Personally, I am too busy laughing at this, the best quad kill in videogames. (Beware of the obnoxious shouting, and turn your volume down or off.)

By far the best quad wipe I've experienced playing this game from r/CODWarzone


Next up, here's this fabulous reinterpretation of the concept "helicopter landing pad". One player wants to snag some loot from a radio tower, so parks his chopper right on top of his buddy's. Miraculously, this goes entirely to plan.

When you have an crazy idea but it actually works from r/CODWarzone

Let's end on something a little more mundane, yet also more practical. This player has figured out someone is waiting at the top of the stairs to ambush him. At that point I might try my luck with grenades, or else just bugger off, but "Teoultraman8" is a much more resourceful coward. They jump outside, drive a truck up to an upstairs window, and easily get the drop on their assailant.

Guy was camping stairs from r/CODWarzone

I can't tell you the number of times I've fantasised about doing that. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must come to terms with the fact that I will never pull it off this cleanly.

Warzone is real good. You can download it for free here.

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