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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds: Battlegrounds has added destructible terrain

Though only on one map right now, and quite limited

Digging a hole with a pickaxe in a PUBG: Battlegrounds screenshot.
Image credit: Krafton

The multiplayer FPS which fools would tell you is named PUBG: Battlegrounds has added destructible terrain in an update today, letting you dig your own hole or punch through to enemies. Some might tell you this is inspired by Fortnite or Minecraft, especially considering you can dig with a pickaxe, but in my heart it's further confirmation that Plunkbat is a stag & hen weekend simulator. After all, you can have your stag do at Diggerland. Awright lads, where we digging?

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Don't expect Battlefield: Bad Company 2 or The Finals. Destructible terrain (or, deformable terrain?) is pretty limited in its Plunkbat debut. It's only available on one map, Rondo. You can't punch holes in walls or destroy buildings, nor terrain made of concrete, cement, rock, or stone. You can only dig to a maximum depth of 1.3 metres. But if you have a frag grenade, mortar, panzerfaust, sticky bomb, C4, or Rondo's new Pickaxe weapon, you can make yourself a little hole in the mud. Vehicle explosions will destroy terrain too.

I'm curious how useful destruction will actually be, given how limited it is, though I can think of some final circles where the ability to lob a grenade and carve out the teensiest bit of shelter might have been invaluable. And besides, what's more wholesome than a bunch of lads tanked up on Hot Bull digging holes together?

The developers call this "the first chapter of the environmental destruction feature" in the patch notes, and previously said this month's update would only bring some of the planned destruction, "with continuous improvements and expansions to follow." Bringing it to more maps might be nice. Destroying walls might be nicer.

Patch 29.1 also slightly buffs the SCAR-L and AKM rifles, adds an equip animation for the panzerfaust so you can't casually whip out a rocket, makes shooting while driving less effective by restricting firing angles and reducing accuracy, and tweaks and fixes all sorts of other bits. See the patch notes for everything.

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