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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds leaderboards will reset every month (at least, until release)


I’m only posting news about Playerunkown’s Battlegrounds [official site] because our resident PlunkBatters - Alice, Graham and Adam - are nowhere to be found. Perhaps they are playing right now? All of them, unwisely traipsing together across an open field together. Suddenly, BAM. Graham is down – a shot to the ribcage. Alice hits the dirt, shouting directions. Adam tries to run to the nearest shrub, but is ambushed by a man hiding in an overturned jeep. BAM. A rifle round in the belly. Alice, friendless and surrounded, weighs her options and reloads her machine gun with a fresh magazine. It’s time to take out the tra--


She never saw the man who killed her. A single 9mm bullet to the back of the skull. He looms over her corpse. It’s Brendan Greene, the Playerunknown himself. He takes a drag of an almost-finished cigarette. “We will be resetting the leaderboards,” he says, flicking the spent cig onto Alice’s cadaver, “on the first of each month in order to test new ranking algorithms and ELO changes.”

For normal people, this news came in the form of a community update, in which the developer explained the reasoning for the monthly leaderboard wipes, starting in just a few days on August 1, as well as how they’ll work in practice.

All data from the previous seasons is saved, and while we don’t have a history system yet, moving forward we will enable this in the game and you can view your match records from the previous seasons.

Each month, before the reset, we will have 24 hours of unranked matches as we backup, and update the leaderboard system…

We understand that these seasons may seem short, but for us to fully balance the ELO ranking system, we need to update frequently based on data from the previous seasons' rankings.

As expected, the fiddling with the battle royale game continues. A patch that was supposed to happen this week has been delayed and is now expected on August 3. It’s going to add some fashionable tracksuits and suchlike, which we knew about, but also a quite-large machine gun which we didn’t know about. Pew pew pew pew!

Recent problems including a weird aiming bug and some network lag issues have also received hotfixes in advance of the bigger patch, say the developers. So Alice, Adam and Graham have absolutely no excuse for dying in such a cowardly and unrefined fa--


[Brendan’s corpse slumps over the keyboard, the computer screen covered in blood, brain and half-finished word documents. Behind him, Playerunknown lights a fresh cigar with a flaming £50 note.

He winks at the camera]

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