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Portal 2's Final Hours: The Book

Portal 2: The Final Hours is a digital book about... wait, don't tell me... no, it's gone. The book is either called "The Final Hours of Portal 2" if you believe Valve's emails, or if you place your trust in Steam it's called, "Portal 2: The Final Hours". Will those two ever learn to get along?

It's a big old thing, absolutely packed with information, interviews, pictures (one so close to his beard you can see what Chet ate for breakfast), videos, audio, interactive photographs, and thoughts on the process. And it's all slidey and interactive, in a way that books are in films about the future. For £1.50, this seems a decent chunk of information. And you can find out what car Erik Wolpaw drives.


The book is written by games journalist Geoff Keighley, who is perhaps most famous for being the only one with a brain in that infamous discussion about Mass Effect on Fox News (below). The book really is just jam-packed with stuff, and it's even quite fun to play with. It goes into intricate detail about not only the final hours of Portal 2, but the entire history of the game, the developers, their days and routines, Old Man Murray, DigiPen, and on and on and on. I strongly recommend it. Although none of the panorama pics work for me, and the polls don't seem to be active yet.

Here's that Keighley video. I still can't watch to the end, three years on. Once that panel starts it's either switch it off, or tear my face off.

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