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Portal: The Musical

Okay. We said it had got as silly as it could go. We suspect we're only just getting started, as an Idea struck Alec and I after we both found this...

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By Jeremy of Anonymous Lefty. And then we realised that Jonathan Coulton has posted the lyrics and the chords of Still Alive over at his blog. Cultural Object A + Cultural Object B = Idea C.

We think people should do their own cover versions of Portal and post them to Youtube. No, really.

Seriously, it's a great idea. We mean it. And while it's never going to be as good as A Girl Flicking Her Hair Melodramatically In The Midnight Nevada Desert While Miming Total Eclipse Of The Heart, it'll still be pretty neat. Also, if we get enough, we could work out how we could insert the MP3s in a RPS: PORTAL: THE MUSICAL patch into Portal to take the place of the technoid original music. Having - say - Darrtt hollering Still Alive while playing a Glockenspiel while you work out how you're meant to do Level 18's jumpy bits is, as far as I can work out, just about the only way to improve Portal. No, really.

Stop looking at me like that. Anyway - many thousands of people read RPS every day. Of them, many hundreds are musically talented. Of them, many dozens have too much time on their hand. And of them, at least six must think this is a good idea. Get filming and post your links in the comments thread. We compel it.

Those who are about to Rock: We salute you.

And to get your performance mood, let's end on a song. Another take on Still Alive, found on Mr Coulton's blog, of someone playing Still Alive on some manner of electric-in-game piano.

This article contained embedded media which can no longer be displayed.


(Er... we don't really think people will do it. But we thought that we should create a forum of such ill-considered behaviour)

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