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What The Hell Are You Doing In Mortal Kombat, Predator?

If it bleeds, you can download it

On the one hand, this is very much "er, what?" On the other, it's a monster whose gruesome fatalities make teenage boys cheer making an appearance in a game whose gruesome fatalities make teenage boys cheer. Almost surprised it didn't happen sooner. Yes, Headcrab-faced alien hunter the Predator will be taking a break from being horribly mistreated by cinema to become a playable character in the next Mortal Kombat game. As will Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees. Evil never dies. It just becomes DLC.

You can get these strapping young lads as part of Mortal Kombat X’s not inexpensive 'Kombat Pack' DLC, which will include more as yet unidentified characters. If that’s worth £24.99 on top of the game itself for you, go nuts. The Predator thing isn't 100% confirmed for PC, having been outed via an Xbox store listing, but the 'Kombat Pack' DLC of the same name is indeed heading this way.

I don’t know. Playing as ol' What The Hell Are You is not without appeal, but I'm not really up for spending some $80 or $90 to do that. Business models!

What’s particularly interesting about all this is that the Predator is a Fox-owned character appearing in a Warner-published game. Between this and the whole Spider-Man in the Marvel movies thing I wonder if we’re approaching an era where the walls of big firms’ closed gardens come crashing down as they realise the huge amount of potential moolah in mixing up their licenses. It’s what the internet’s been merrily doing for decades, after all. Finally, the stage is set for an official Game of Thrones versus Last of the Summer Wine.

Mortal Kombat X is out on Steam on April 14th. This still seems really weird, somehow.

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