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Prison Architect will bring an embiggened Psych Ward to PC in November

Proper expansion to follow in 2020

Prison Architect will bring an expanded version of its Psych Ward update to PC on November 21st as DLC, following its release on consoles back in distant 2017. Produced by UK studio Double Eleven, who have been working on the game since Paradox bought it from creators Introversion in January, it's the first proper paid DLC for Prison Architect on PC. What's more, it's going to be banged up good and proper with a free content update (whose details are not yet clear), and there's another expansion on the way in 2020.

Having already tackled state-sanctioned murder and the prison-industrial complex, Psych Ward is another trip into light 'n' breezy thematic territory for Prison Architect, dealing with the "criminally insane" and all the fun of padded cells, orderlies and medication. There are quite a few potential yikes in there, as they say, but given the series' abstracted, slapstick satire to date, it's shown it can handle that sort of business.

I had a good play with it yesterday, and completely ignored the demo instructions in order to build a sort of iron hell packed with Sigmund Freuds, but you can here more about that - as well as my interview with Double Eleven - on Monday.

[Muffled sounds of a struggle, with the words "Unhand me!" barely audible above an unlikely amount of glass smashing.]

Hiya pals, Alice O here, stepping in to finish the post after Nate was whisked out of the auditorium by German officials. So! Where were we?

Psych Ward: Warden's Edition, which Paradox say expands on the console iteration with features from orderlies to padded solitary cells, will cost £4.79/€5.99/$5.99. November 21st is that date, again.

Beyond that, the new expansion Paradox teased for 2020 looks to involve watery escape? Island prison troubles. They have not yet named the expansion, nor said anything illuminating about it. Swimming in the sea at night is just about my favourite thing in this world so perhaps we'll be proving the tabloids right and running the prison like a holiday camp.

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