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Project FreezerCube - Part 2

Work continues on what some are already describing as "The most important endeavour ever conducted by humankind".

Sadly, it's not quite as excellent as I might have first hoped. It seems that for reasons I can only put down to tiredness and stupidity, I decided that my initial pencil sketch was clearly the most accurate of guildlines in which to paint, rather than perhaps putting some efforts into creating a more accurate circle, or lining things up a bit more. The result: one very wonky Weighted Companion Freezer.

before lines

I suppose in the larger scheme of things, this probably isn't a terrible tragedy. But I do fear the inevitable sneers that will accompany my house's being filled with chums on my 30th birthday commiseration gathering this Saturday - the target for when I wish it to be finished.

with lines

I have received some excellent help from fifth housemate, Dexter, who has learned in the last couple of days:

1) Acrylic paint is not a delicious cat treat
2) Acrylic paint is hard to get out of your tail when you insist on swishing it against the freezer
3) It's very funny to try and bat the paintbrush out of John's hand during the delicate bits

Friend to man and kitten

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