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Project FreezerCube - Part One

So here's a little something I like to call, Project FreezerCube.

(aka: Project Oh Please Someone Help Me I'm Losing My Mind)

Click to see the true madness.

I've decided my freezer must become a Weighted Companion Cube. Why? What sort of question is Why? Because it's white, almost cuboid, and I murdered my last one.

It begins with an ordinary freezer.

How could anyone leave it looking like that?

Too ordinary. And a slightly less than ordinary trip to the art supply shop for some acrylic paints.

Then tonight, friends departed and the new episode of Dexter watched, there I was making a quick sketch of a Weighted Companion Cube.

Surprisingly hard to draw

There was really no pause between this, and pulling the freezer out and drawing all over it with a pencil.

Pencil on freezer works nicely - take note toddlers

The paint doesn't sit as easily on the surface as the lady in the art shop promised me it would. It's going to take a couple of coats. And so this is as far as I reached this evening, constrained by ludicrous requirements like working during the day. However, I shall return to it very soon.

Here's the current state.

Still coats to be added

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