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Project Winter snowballs out of early access

A shiver down your spine

I’m currently very happy that we’ve escaped the clutches of winter (at least in the northern hemisphere), and I’m generally untrusting of my friends who claim to like the colder months. They would, I’m sure, be very good at the sneaky backstabbing in the blizzards of Project Winter, which launched this week. Here’s the launch trailer, showing off the subtle approaches you might like to take to murder your fellow campers, like “bear” or “landmine.”

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Developers Other Ocean Interactive have put together a roadmap for continued updates to the game. Their top priority is “player toxicity management,” which by the looks of a few Steam reviews involves players teaming up outside of the game in order to cheat their way to victory. I’m not sure how you fix that sort of thing as a developer, but it’s a good priority to try regardless.

They’re also considering everything from improving their emotes, which makes sense in a game so focused on communication between players, to a supernatural expansion. Just what will break the tension as you try to figure out which one of your friends took an ice pick to George, a handful of ghosts.

Matt’s already been scheming about how he would get tricksy, like “two traitors manage to organise a three-person expedition, butcher the third hapless survivor, then come back and try to spin a tale about how he got mauled by a bear.” Remind me not to head off into the snow with this guy.

Project Winter is available on Steam and Humble for £15.49/$19.99/€16.79.

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