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Psychedelic platformer Spinch will launch in September

Eat your Spinch

This is absolutely not a game about a tiny cartoon sperm escaping giant rainbow monsters. It's got while tentacle-y little legs and shoots its other sperm babies out of cannons to attack big baddies but no, I refuse. Spinch is just a game about a colorless little creature trying not to get squished or spiked or swallowed by a giant rainbow worm. Oh, and it's launching in September.

"Our hero Spinch can dash, dodge, jump off walls, and shoot his own children as ammunition," say Queen Bee Games. "Platform your way through side-scrolling levels collecting items to give you the upperhand while searching for your missing babies." Queen Bee queued up a new trailer during Day Of The Devs today showing off all that dodging and hopping and, oh yes the horrifying rainbow sphere snake.

It looks sweet, but Spinch sounds salty too. "Bringing back old school difficulty, Spinch will have you replaying sections until you master your timing and reflexes," say Queen Bee Games.

"The ramping difficulty will see Spinch swim through experiment water tanks, chased by hordes of weird creatures, and traverse backward and inverted environments. With only a ticking clock and quick restarts—no lives or game overs here—the game is welcoming to players of all experiences, but a formidable challenge to a speedrunner."

Spinch's odd little critters are being created by Queen Bee games and comic author Jesse Jacobs, who we got to speak with earlier this year about creating games as a comic artist.

Spinch is launching on September 3rd over on Steam.

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