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Quakecon’s schedule briefly listed a "revitalized edition" of Quake

Are they about to announce an upgrade to their classic shooter?

Bethesda released the details of next week’s Quakecon 2021, being held virtually between August 19th-21st. They appear to have accidentally announced a new version of their classic shooter, Quake. One of the event listings briefly hinted at a new, “revitalized edition” of it before having its description swiftly scrubbed. What could it be?

Xbox Era spotted the listing for the "Let's Talk Quake" stream, which said: “Quake is back, in this special stream John Linneman from Digital Foundry talks to Jerk Gustafsson of Machine Games about the title's iconic legacy and what it meant to both of them. The pair will also discuss the additional content Machine Games have contributed to this revitalized edition.”

Back in 2016, Machine Games released a new episode for Quake to celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary. It looks like it might be more than new content, given the “revitalise”’ tag. That sounds like something approaching a remaster, but only lightly.

This year’s Quakecon celebrates the game’s 25th anniversary, with the first event at 7pm BST / 2pm ET on August 19th. That event is listed as "QuakeCon Digital Welcome + Celebrating 25 Years of Quake with id Software and MachineGames", so it’s likely to be one of the first things we’ll hear about when the event kicks off. And then more details on August 20th at 3:30pm BST / 10:30am ET in the “Let’s Talk Quake” stream.

Highlights on the schedule for me include a deep dive into Deathloop ahead of the September 14th release, at 5:30pm BST / 12:30pm ET August 19th. We Rate Dogs hosts a dog rating stream with Pete Hines on August 20th at 6:30pm BST / 3:30pm ET. That sounds very wholesome.

The schedule is packed for three days from Thursday to Saturday, there's bound to be something to interest you.

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