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Rainbow Six Siege Gets Shakespearean Launch Trailer 

Attention: Shakespeare

After a spot of D-Day turbulence that saw the Rainbow Six Siege [official site] open beta delayed, Ubisoft's tactical FPS has pulled itself from the trenches and is now well into its second day of public testing where it'll be stationed until Sunday. If you can't manage along, you might want to whet your military whistle with a look at Siege's Shakespearean launch trailer below before it launches on Tuesday. Ten-hut!

Is this a machine gun which I see before me, the handle toward my hand?:

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Ah, Shakespeare and metaphors.

Luckily, I think, there's little in the way of 16th century poets in the actual game itself, but Rainbow Six Siege does have plenty in the way of guns, explosive, and tactical options. "Being one of the most complex forms of warfare," reads the Siege website, "the siege technique requires years of training for elite teams, in order to handle each situation with the right strategies and tactics."

From what I gathered from Brendan's hands-on last month, this strategy can involve anything from ploughing through walls to get the jump on foes, to meticulously planning each and every small detail of your attack, and then everything else in between. I've not had the chance to play Siege yet, but as I'm a shitebag in these games I like the sound of the freedom you seem to be afforded in both offensive and defensive situations.

Rainbow Six Siege is due for release next Tuesday, December 1st. Head on over here to try the open beta.

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