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Rainbow Six Siege Adds "Open Beta" Before Launch

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Stretching the definition of "beta" about as thin as can be, Ubisoft just announced a so-called "open beta" for Rainbow Six Siege [official site] starting Wednesday, November 25. You know, six days before the actual release.

That's likely not enough time to fix anything with the game if something's found to be broken. But it is a perfect opportunity for you to try the game, something we used to call a "demo." Or, as Ubisoft puts it, "Experience team-based tactical combat in its most intense, lethal and destructive form all before it hits shelves on December 1st."

Accompanying this announcement is a new ad where Ubisoft convinced critically-acclaimed actor Idris Elba to utter the words "Are you ready to siege the day?" Seriously.

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The "open beta" will be available to preload through Uplay on Monday, November 23 by heading to your "Games" tab. You can see what's included here, but in short: it's limited to three maps, fourteen operators, and three game modes—"Bomb," "Secure Area," and the PVE "Disarm bomb" variant.

Marketing stunts aside, I'm looking forward to playing more Rainbow Six Siege. As far as dumb, shooty explosions go, Siege is a (groan) blast. And luckily I—an interloper here—am not the only who thinks so. A cursory search reveals Graham and Pip also seemed to like the alpha earlier this year.

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