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Rare's new game is Everwild, some sort of fantasy nature-y thing

No idea what it is, but it looks pretty

Rare, the English studio behind Banjo-Kazooie and Sea Of Thieves, today announced their next game. It's a pretty fantasy thing named Everwild, and it's a complete mystery. Rare aren't saying about what it is or what you do. I can tell you it's rather pretty, though. Have a peek in the announcement trailer below:

Cover image for YouTube video

I might guess it's some sort of cooperative open-world sandbox-y thing? Dunno.

The written announcement uses 84 words to say naff all:

"While Everwild is still early in development, we are very excited about the unique potential of the game we are creating. The Everwild team is focused on building an experience that allows for new ways to play in a natural and magical world. The development team, led by executive producer Louise O'Connor, is creating something truly original and incredibly special that aims to be more than just a new IP. Everwild will give you memorable, engaging and meaningful experiences for players everywhere to share."

More than just a new IP, you say? Goodness me. Whoever introduced the term 'intellectual property' to everyday gametalk has a whole lot to answer for. Love that IP. Can't get enough IP.

God, I do hope you're not reading this using the Chrome extension which replaces the text "IP" with "immense penis".

The team making Everwild at Rare are separate to the one making Sea Of Thieves, which will continue receiving support and updates and that.

Cram your "IP" up your arse.

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