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Rare give us another look at the gorgeous Everwild

It's all about the flow of nature

I absolutely fell in love with Everwild when Rare announced it last year. Back then, it was a bit of a mystery what this gorgeous natural, fantasy-looking game might entail, but thanks to a new trailer shown during Microsoft's Xbox Games Showcase, we finally know a bit more. It sounds like this beautiful world is all about caring for the weird and wonderful creatures within it, and maintaining the balance of nature.

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In Everwild, you play as an "eternal", beings who connect with the world around them to feel the flow of nature through every living thing. In the trailer we see these people caring for all manner of fantastical animals - from small deer-like creatures being sheltered from the rain, to big old fish-things spitting all their babies into a lake. Ok, I know that second one doesn't sound particularly magical, but it all really does look quite lovely.

It's still not entirely clear what you actually do in the game. We know it's something to do with exploration, and it's entirely possible it'll be similar to sandbox-y style of Sea Of Thieves, but for now we'll have to wait to find out.

Everwild will be coming to PC and the Xboxes sometime in the future. Take a peek at Rare's website for more... links and images and things, there isn't more info really.

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