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Red Dead Online starts brewing moonshine today

Bottoms up!

Oh sure the dream of the dying wild west is grand and all, but Red Dead Online now offers players a grander dream: being Veronica Lodge off Riverdale. Rockstar today launched the Moonshiners Update, letting players start their own hooch business and build up to running a speakeasy. Get a pal to pretend to be Archie, running around beating up criminals. Another mate's cutting about as Veronica, quietly offing people with her serial killer genes. Just don't let yourself be someone else's Reggie. Oh! Right, moonshining. Yes.

Start out small with a moonshine shack (five are around the place), run missions to get staff and equipment, get the business running, then put down rivals, spread your business, develop new recipes, and rake in that money. The moonshine shack also has room to put in a bar, band, and dancefloor, if you have the scratch. As a terrible business owner in GTA Online, I always tended to enjoy the setup stages then be satisfied having a nice place to hang out, not mercilessly pursuing profits. My GTA nightclub is dead. This is why I'll never be Veronica.

Read today's announcement for more on how all this bootlegging works.

Rockstar are now selling a new Outlass Pass too, the battle pass doodad with 100 levels of cosmetic doodads and perks to unlock.

Now that unofficial multiplayer mod tools are out for Red Dead Redemption 2, I dearly hope someone sorts out a Riverdale roleplaying server. Even if everyone will end up fighting over who gets to be 1899 Jughead. God, Riverdale is so good.

Disclosure: I live in Edinburgh and therefore cannot help but have pals who work at Rockstar. It's said that at any moment, you are no more than twenty feet from a Rockstar employee.

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