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Red Ken: Street Fighter V Comes To London

"Thanks for being such a good friend!"

It's no surprise to hear that Ken will be in Street Fighter V [official site], given that he's been one of the core characters for yonks, but Capcom's announcement has brought the surprise news that he's been given a hideous makeover.

More important than that is the amazing London stage shown off in Ken's trailer. Street Fighter's interpretations of cultures are always odd, and it's especially delightful to see that in my own city. Perhaps I spend too much time in ponds, but I don't remember the Queen's Guard hanging around train stations playing jazz. That'll be the old Blitz Spirit re-emerging during the Tube strike.

I've rewatched this trailer several times trying to figure out which pieces are smooshed into it. The departure board lists trains to Holyhead, Portsmouth, York, Dover, and Winchester, among others, which I believe are served by a spread of London stations. Architecturally it's a bit of this, a bit of that. But the giant banner reading "Thanks for being such a good friend!" well... that's a funny take on London public transport etiquette.

How about a "If you talk to me I will blank you and blank you and blank you and then loudly tell you to fuck off OH MY GOD SHUT UP" banner? Perhaps "Don't be rude to the conductor or we'll all mutter the rudest swear words we know as you storm away down the carriage."

Anyway, Street Fighter V is due in spring 2016. Capcom are teasing more announcements during the Evo fightest next week. Here's doofy Ken and zany London:

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