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Redfall could be getting a beta

Let the right one in, as long as they agree to the EULA

Co-op vampire slay ‘em up Redfall might be opening itself up to an invasion of beta testers, if a Bethesda EULA dug up on Steam is anything to go by. Still, it’s one to take with a pinch of salt, which probably wards off the undead too. There’s been no word from devs Arkane on whether rumblings of a Redfall beta are legit yet, but The Game Awards are only a few weeks away so we might see something announced there.

Redfall is a co-op vampire slaying shooter set in a town trapped in perpetual night.Watch on YouTube

There aren’t any explicit mentions of Redfall in the EULA. Redfall had been set to release in summer, but was delayed until early 2023 back in May. That would leave plenty of time for an open beta ahead of the game’s launch. Although there’s still no firm release date, the open-world vampire hunting game’s coming to Steam, the Epic Games Store, and is due to arrive on PC Game Pass on release day.

Redfall was first revealed at E3 2021, and it’s coming from Prey devs Arkane Austin. You and a party of up to three pals will need to fend off the legions of the undead, who’ve taken over a Massachusetts town and somehow managed to block out the sun. If vamps weren’t bad enough, there’ll be human cultists to contend with too. So far, so Stephen King. The name sounds a lot like Redwall, but don’t get it confused with the series of books about anthropomorphised animals living in an abbey.

Rest assured, if a Redfall beta is announced then I’ll bring you the news myself. The Game Awards take place on December 8th, so you never know what might rear its undead, befanged head on the night.

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