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Free expansion for Reigns: Her Majesty hops out

Ribbit ribbit!

Magic, vampires, and frogs are among the mysteries, dangers, and opportunities for pashing added to Reigns: Her Majesty in a free expansion yesterday. The 'Transformation Update' has brought 200 new cards to the reginal RPG, which draw in three new characters and potentially lead to five new deaths. The game's on sale to celebrate the launch too. And if frenching a frog gets me killed, so it goes.

Margaret, if you even need to ask, I think I need a new handmaid.

Reigns, to briefly explain, is an RPG where we play as a monarch making decisions simply by swiping left or right on cards, spiralling down story branches of triumphs, glories, romances, and terrible consequences. We haven't had a good hard look at Her Majesty, the queenly sequel, but our Alec did really like the 2016 original.

"Reigns is glorious," Alec said in his Reigns review. "The power of choice, distilled to its essence, heavy with consequence, and a game that clearly delights in its cloistered malevolence. May it reign forever. But... maybe on your phone rather than on your PC."

Reigns: Her Majesty is half-price on Steam for the next day-and-a-bit, down to £1.04/€1.49/$1.49. Other stores do sell the game but it's only going cheap on Steam right now (the original is and all). Oh, pocket telephones too, I suppose.

Disclosure: Leigh Alexander, the narrative director of Reigns: Her Majesty, is a former RPS columnist and hey, I know her too. She introduced me to the wonders of egg nog (turns out, actually great and not gross like it sounds?) and was very patient when I became unreasonably riled by a horse that time we went swimming in the Thames.

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