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Remember: Amnesia DLC, Game Free Today

Super-spookfest Amnesia was one of our favourite games last year. Ridiculously scary, and mightily well crafted, the first person adventure had us shivering in our swivel chairs. And shitting in our trousers. (I think I'd gone a bit too mainstream in that previous sentence - rescued at the end.) So flipping hooray - they're re-releasing their Potato Sack DLC, Justine, as a free addition to the game. Along with other other goodies. And it gets even free-er today. If you head to the OnLive forum you can get a code that will allow you to play the full game for no pennies.

Justine is a whole new story developed by Frictional, and set in the Amnesia world. But it's not the only story you'll get for freeeee. There's a collection of five short stories, written by the game's writer, and illustrated by Frictional's concept artists. They will, we're told, fill in some gaps in the universe's story, and create some new ones at the same time. That'll all arrive in the 1.2 update that should appear today.

There's also news that the game's soundtrack, scored by Mikko Tarmia, is now available to buy at their store.

But if you really want to save some money, then you can try taking OnLive for a spin. The application that gives you access to games you don't have installed on your own computer has just added Amnesia to its mix. There's a free trial demo for everyone. But those who make the effort to finish the demo and get to the pay prompt, and put in the password they'll find on the OnLive forums - before today is through - will unlock the whole game for abso-nothing-lutely.

And that's all the Amnesia news.

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