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Darksiders 3 devs announce co-op shooter Remnant

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Gunfire games really like their post-apocalyptic hellscapes, huh? Not content with just developing Darksiders 3, they're diversifying their end-of-the-world portfolio with Remnant: From The Ashes, a third-person co-op "survival-action" shooter. Squads of up to four wander the "dynamically-generated" ruins of civilisation, shooting holes in a horde of invading tree-demons called The Root. Below, a moody and shooty announcement trailer.

Remnant will remain mostly mysterious until Gamescom next month (where it will be playable), but Gunfire have mentioned there's a little more to the game than just shooting and looting. You'll have a home base populated by NPCs where you can craft new gear, and can recruit tradesfolk to fill it with - all a bit Warframe. You'll also get to shoot things in other worlds, so it's not all crumbling and overgrown cityscapes. Each world will apparently boast its own set of enemies, some of which (as seen in the trailer below) are a bit meatier than others.

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Wouldn't a dragon made of wood be a terrible fire hazard to itself? Looks cool, though, and having so many enemies made of gnarled tree-bits is as solid excuse as anyone needs to have a diverse range of creatures to shoot. The trailer does suggest that you'll also be pushed into conflict with other, less friendly humans, but I'm hoping that's just for structured PvP purposes and not just another enemy faction. I've had enough of shooting Generic Man With Gun - why even keep them around when you've got an entire evil forest to chop down?

So far, Remnant reminds me a bit of Warframe, especially with the mention of world-hopping and dynamic environments. Good, as it's a crown I'd like to see more studios reach for. Oh, and I will also be very disappointed if a chainsaw isn't the ultimate melee weapon. Gunfire, you can have that one for free.

Remnant is due for release sometime in 2019, and will be published by Chinese MMO outfit Perfect World Entertainment. You can check out Remnant's official site here.

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