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Renaissance Man: GDC Deus Ex 3 trailer

Looks like somebody left the keys in the ignition! And just as well, because even while none of the RPS crew are around you guys still need to know about the new Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution trailer that's being shown at GDC. The 2 minute cinematic can be found after the jump, but be warned: There's still no footage of the game proper just yet.

...that said, this video still makes me produce a noise somewhere between a squeak and a lusty growl.

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So, they're pushing that Neo-Renaissance theme pretty hard while sticking to Deus Ex's schlocky cyberpunk sunglasses-and-booze imagery. A combination that sounds disastrous in text, yet seems oddly comfortable in the trailer.

I had no idea what I wanted from Deus Ex 3 and still don't. For now, I'm over the moon that Eidos Montreal seem to have done the hard work for me- this definitely looks like something I'll enjoy playing.

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