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Resident Evil Village is getting Mercenaries mode and a new demo

Here are all the best bits announced in the Resident Evil Showcase

Last night, Capcom's Resident Evil Showcase shared some more details about the spookfest Resident Evil Village. A new trailer shows poor Ethan Winters getting dragged around endlessly, and the developers announced some new demo dates for fans to try out the game before it comes out this May. On top of that, they revealed the arcade-style Mercenaries mode is coming to Village, showed a new trailer for upcoming Netflix series Infinite Darkness, and announced Resident Evil 4 VR.

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The new Village trailer has appearances from everyone's favourite giant woman, Lady Dimitrescu (who is about as tall as three emperor penguins stood on each others shoulders), as well as a sinister-looking Chris Redfield. It also shows some angry werewolves, and poor Eef being bullied a whole lot.

You'll be able to visit the Village and Castle areas of the game a little early during a 60-minute demo that'll be available for 24 hours from May 1st at 5pm PT (May 2nd at 1am for us in the UK). This demo will be available on Steam, the Xboxes, PlayStations and Stadia, though PS4 and PS5 users will get access to a couple of extra 30-minute demos this month too. It sounds like these early peeks won't make you play through bits of the story, but instead let you have a wander around and explore the areas - similarly to the PS5 demo in January.

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Capcom also revealed that Resident Evil Village would be getting the Mercenaries Mode, an arcade-style game mode that's previously appeared in other RE games. Rather than fighting to survive, you're fighting against the clock to complete stages as fast as possible and rack-up a nice score while doing so. Village's version of the mode has some new additions too, such as letting you collect bonus skills on your runs, and you'll be able to buy supplies and upgrades in-between stages.

That's all for Village, but the Resident Evil series will be popping up in a few more places over the next year or so. In June this year, Resident Evil will make an appearance in Dead By Daylight, as that game continues to collect famous faces from horror franchises. They'll have more news to share on that one on May 25th.

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The showcase featured a new trailer for the upcoming animated Netflix series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, which is coming out in July. Those pesky zombies have taken over the Whitehouse, and it's up to Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield to stop them.

And last, but certainly not least, Resident Evil 4 is being turned into a first-person VR game, and is heading to Oculus Quest 2. Capcom will have more details on it at an Oculus showcase on April 21st.

If you fancy giving the hour-long Resident Evil Showcase a watch yourself, the full video is below. Or you can find more details on Capcom's website.

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