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F.E.A.R.-inspired Selaco looks better and better in 3 minute gameplay video

F.E.A.R. crossed with Brutal Doom

F.E.A.R. was the kind of shooter where, even after all the enemies were dead, you'd keep firing your gun anyway just to watch the world around you pop, ping and crumble.

Like Craig, I was skeptical that the F.E.A.R.-inspired Selaco could recreate that kind of destruction in the GZDoom engine, but no, I was wrong. A new 3 minute trailer shows a world falling to pieces from its very first moments.

Cover image for YouTube videoSelaco - 3 Minutes of Gameplay Footage (Realms Deep)

Set in the midst of an earthquake, there's a new falling vent, particle effect, splash of broken glass, and sliding office chair to enjoy every few seconds even before the player opens fire. I can take or leave the Brutal Doom-style head-popping gruesomeness; it's office equipment I want to see burst.

There's plenty else to like here. I like the precise level of detail it's going for, mixing pixellated textures, bright lighting and voxel 3D. I like the weapons and the branded terminals where you can upgrade them. I like the slightly lowered framerate on the reload animations. I like all the incidental details, such as the brief reflection of your face on the menus and the happy robot vacuums.

It looks like a proper game, not just a nostalgia trip or an aesthetic for its own sake. The only problem now is that its only listed release date is August 25th, 2255, and that the early demo access via its Patreon isn't yet available either.

If you, like me, can't wait to play Selaco, I recommend giving the Trepang2 demo a go in the meantime. It's a barebones experience in a cinderblock world, but the F.E.A.R.-style slide-kicks and shotgun blasts it focuses on are first rate.

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