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Noisy shooter Selaco gets a big patch that adds weapon upgrades, mutators, and more

It needed some extra kick

Exploding some robot spiders with an SMG in Selaco.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Altered Orbit Studios

The developers of speedy first-person shooter Selaco have dropped a big patch for the retro blaster, adding new weapon upgrades and mutators that can change the game's difficulty in piecemeal ways, like making enemies stronger for an added challenge. There's a heap of other fixes and changes but among them lies the admission that something has been missing. "We fully understand people want a dedicated kick button for all weapons," the developers say. But wait, isn't there a slide kick in the game already?

"Added kicks!" the shooterfolk proclaim in the patch notes, under a section that details changes to your characters fists. Huh? "Hit the melee button when you have your fists out." Ah. This shooter is based on Doom, you see. So your fists are equipped the same way as any other weapon, and punching is done with the "fire" button. Before the patch, you weren't able to boot baddies in the bonce while going full fisticuffs. But now you can. That is an improvement, well done.

There are a lot of other tweaks and fixes. The "Hard-boiled" mutator makes enemy soldiers more flanky and firearm-proof, and gives them "other surprises that we will not spoil." The SMG is getting a "Magnetic rounds" upgrade which "increases damage against small robotic enemies". And your supersoldier is now invulnerable for a very short moment at the beginning of a dash. "The first couple of frames while dashing will now make Dawn immune to bullets," say the notes. Other hazards like fire will still hurt you during a dash, and the cooldown has been increased as a trade-off. But still, pretty handy.

I won't go into all the nitty-gritty detail, especially considering I still haven't played this Doom-meets-F.E.A.R. portmanteau of a game. But here are some very important highlights from the changelog.

  • Gave Koalas a major health buff
  • Fixed severed heads not bouncing correctly
  • Blood is now 0.2% more purple

If these brief notes do not convince you, Ed has made reassurances that the shooter is pretty slick in his Selaco review. "For an early access release, Selaco is in a really good state. You've got a lengthy campaign comprising 30 maps and plenty more to go with it," he said. "And everything feels polished - I didn't encounter any hitches or bugs at all."

For now, the devs are taking a holiday, before returning to work on a second chapter. They've previously marked 2026 as a release date for the 1.0 version.

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