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Retrofuturistic moonbase horror game Routine is actually still coming

We first posted about it on RPS in 2012

The biggest surprise of the Summer Game Fest so far wasn't any WORLD PREMIERE or EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT, it was a game we've been posting about on RPS since 2012. Routine is back, baby, and at some point we will finally get to explore its sprawling moonbase. Have a peek at its terrible happenings in the new trailer below.

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Routine is set in a vast lunar colony, in a low-fi future forseen by the 1980s. Something terrible happens, it falls silent, and in we go to investigate. Poke around, sneak around, and maybe fight around, if you dare. I had forgotten how excited I was for this, and now I'm feeling it all over again. I still dig that clunky retrofuturistic style.

Jim Rossignol spoke with one of the developers in 2013. At the time, they hoped to release it that year. And then in March 2017. And now, well, they're wisely not saying. Look, it's been a whole thing. Lunar Software say in a new blog post that they have "essentially restarted production of the game" since we last saw it.

"As we were approaching what we believed to be the end of development, we were finding more and more things that we weren't happy with that negatively impacted the experience," they explained. "We had worked on the project for 5 years at that point and simply couldn't release it as it was."

Under financial stress and personal strains, development went part-time for a fair while. Now they've teamed up with publishers Raw Fury to help see it to the end.

For now, you can wishlist Routine on Steam. Game's due to hit Xboxes too, and will also be on Game Pass.

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