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Revenge Of Revenge of the Titans 

It's more than odd to be posting about DLC for a game that came out almost exactly two years ago, but then I think it's more than odd that dogs don't just crap all over their owners' bedroom floors, so you shouldn't take my surprise seriously.

Revenge of the Titans was/is an excellent and ferocious tower defence/RTS game from the redoubtable UK indie Caspian 'Puppy Games' Prince, and Jim and I both fell for its unforgiving pixel-art charms back in 2010. And now it has DLC of a sort, in the form of a sandbox mode with which to battle the deathless space invader hordes on your custom-chosen terms.

Important facts are these:

  • Create your battlefield, choose your Titan adversaries and select your weapons and tech with the online editor! Add mission briefings to your levels to create custom campaigns!
  • Publish your levels and campaigns to share them online!
  • Play community built levels & campaigns!
  • Compete for hiscores!

See, I'd say "high scores." But I am the kind of guy who says 'twoth' instead of 'tuth.'

The online, browser-based editor is free for a fiddle (so long as you register an account), but as far as my febrile brain understands it, playing and sharing your creations requires buying the add-on. At £4.19 - accursed UK VAT! - it's maybe a little pricey for an add-on to an oldish game which costs £7, but indie devs do what indie devs do. Sounds like it makes for a pretty serious remix of a pretty ace game too, and the game's OST is thrown in along with the whole kaboodle.

Direct purchase or Steam are your options. The former does grant you a redeemable Steam key too.

I initially wrote 'free steak key' by mistake. Now that'd definitely be one way of ensuring an indie game sells truckloads.

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