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Reviews Roulette: The one with tiny ghosts and egg murder

And the winner of the Meatlegs Award is...

If you're new here, or aren't a viewer of our YouTube channel, then you might be unaware of something the RPS video team do on a semi-regular basis (listen, it's hard to schedule regular features when you're busy shrieking, and being problematic, and all the other things we YouTubers do.) It's called Reviews Roulette, and the idea is to give airtime to some of the games we get in our inbox, but don't have the proper time to cover.

We play each game for ten minutes, and then sometimes, sometimes, we will give them the "Daddy Wallace" award. Born out of me once mishearing Matthew when he said "Danny Wallace". Now I've written it down, it does sound incredibly user-unfriendly. We will hold onto these in-jokes until we die.

Anyway. This is what you can expect:

Cover image for YouTube video

This isn't the first episode we've made, either. If you're wondering who's letting us make this, may I ask you to please not ask that question out loud. You can find all of the others on the video tab at the top of the site, but if you don't want to do that, you can click here. None of these games featured have been covered elsewhere on the site, and one of them has now even been removed from Steam. One lucky game receives the Daddy Wallace award - not something that happens every time - and one even received the brand new Meatlegs award. A new dawn.

If you are on the YouTubes, you can subscribe to the RPS channel to see more of this kind of thing. Also, if you could give the video a wee like (you'll realise why that's a good pun once you've watched the video), we'd really appreciate it. We really want YouTube to know that we're good eggs (again, another good pun, trust me). Let us know what you think in the comments both here and on the video. We love doing them, so we hope you love them too.

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