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Reviews Roulette: The one with Tony Hawk on a unicycle

Farringdon Fleshbricks

Down in the depths of the RPS video dungeon, Matthew will occasionally release Alice L and I from the shackles clasping our wrists (we've still got a big comical prison ball 'n' chain on our ankle, mind you) and gift us with a random selection of video games we've been sent to play. The three of us then give ten minutes or so each in a series called Reviews Roulette. There's a new episode out, and it's got Tony Hawk on a unicycle, a useless robot named Ollie, and a wheelbarrow full of bricks made of flesh.

Yes, Reviews Roulette is where the RPS video team play a selection of random review keys we’ve been sent. If we think they're particularly special, then we'll all thrust our fists wildly towards the camera and force Alice L to edit in the insignia of the illustrious Daddy Wallace award. For context, please refer to this episode.

Watch on YouTube

We've got a host of other episodes on the RPS channel. Alice B loves them to bits, and always likes the posts for them that I put on Facebook, so consider that an official endorsement. Only two of them currently feature me, so if you feel my newfound presence on the channel is a crime against humanity, you're in luck! If, however, you're correct and think I'm lovely, then you can check out the previous episode wot's got me in it as well, and all of my other excellent videos (and the ones made by the others too, I guess).

If you frequent the hellfire that is YouTube, then you can make your timeline a little less miserable by subscribing to the RPS channel and filling it up with all of our stuff. If you enjoyed Matthew's many ridiculous faces in this episode, definitely give it a like as it puts us in YouTube's good books. You can also let us know what you think, either in the comments here or over on the video. I'm being locked back up in the dungeon now, so I don't have much time but have a good day and please send help I haven't eaten in weeks it's very cold and I feel aloopopsfahhhhhhhh

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