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Rhythmic Violence: THUMPER

Space beetle fights terrifying disembodied head

Rhythm action games are often beautifully abstract, and occasionally weird and cute, but they're rarely terrifying. THUMPER [official site] is rhythmic intimidation. Rhythmic violence, according to the latest trailer, which you can see below. Created by two rhythm game veterans, it's a game about a space beetle punching audio while zillapedes haunt the void and an "insane giant head from the future" eats, coughs and collapses music. It's Wipeout via Richard D James and nineties Trent Reznor. Ibiza planted directly above the drowned, dreaming corpse-city R'lyeh.

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The website says that THUMPER will be coming to "whatever platforms make sense". The PC always makes sense and the game has been appearing at the sort of hip hangouts that PCs and their players are naturally drawn to. I'd be very surprised if it doesn't make its way onto my computer at some point.

And I'll be very happy indeed. Music may be math from time to time but it can also be sinister, spooky and dangerous.

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