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With reason: Rime free on the Epic Games Store now

A neat explore-o-jumper

The latest game Epic are giving away free on their digishop is Rime, 2017's nonviolent explore-o-puzzle-a-platformer made by Tequila Works. Y'know, the one that people may have tried to explain to you with comparisons to Ico or Journey, a great deal of handwaving, and the words like "kinda" and "sorta". I still haven't bought a game on Epic's store but I sure am nabbing all the freebies.

Head on over to the Epic Games Store to add Rime to your account for keepsies. Its usual price is £30.

Our former John (RPS in peace) gave it a big ol' thumbs-up in his Rime review.

"I feel like Rime will be a game celebrated by those who already love the third-person genre, those au fait with Tomb Raider-style climbing and jumping, and environmental puzzles. It’s certainly celebrated by me. But I wonder if it might have a harder time winning the affections of those who aren’t already sold on the concept, simply because of the swathes of assumptions it makes about a player's fluency. Or maybe I'm being patronising? I'm not entirely sure. What I do know is I've had such a splendid time with Rime, so deeply enjoyed its expansive and sumptuous world, and found myself not missing the attack button at all. Not when there's a sing/shout button that does so many more interesting things."

Now it's free, you don't need to be sold on the concept to already be sold on getting it. Though I understand some may need to be sold on the Epic Store, thank you for your irate e-mails.

Tequila Works went on to make time-twisting murder mystery The Sexy Brutale and are now making a VR game based on Groundhog Day.

Do remember that NoCode's splendid spooker Stories Untold is also free right now to celebrate the launch of their new spacehorror, Observation. Both these giveaways end on May 30th.

Epic have bankrolled a full year of giveaways to lure people into their digishop, due to wrap up in December, along with buying up loads of games as Store exclusives. The next freebie will be roguelikelike FPS City Of Brass, from May 30th.

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