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Rise And Shine, Mr Marsman: Waking Mars Out Next Month

Everything NASA's been saying about Mars is a lie. Curiosity isn't real. Neither are mohawks. I know this because I've been to Mars. I've shed blood and tears there. I've gardened there. Or at least, that's the reality Waking Mars presented me with when I played it on iPad, and I refuse to believe that the real deal could be any less magical. In essence, you run around playing incredibly irresponsible god in a giant red sandbox of ecological possibility. Most of the plants are practically animals in nature, and watching different species hunt/be hunted/confuse the hell out of each other is a total joy. But will Waking Mars preserve that feeling of constant discovery during its rather giant leap to PC?

I think so! And I'll tell you why in a moment. But first, the concrete details: Joystiq brings word that Waking Mars will finally touch down in our corner of the platform galaxy on November 6th via the Humble store and its own official website. (Alternatively, it's been trying to climb the semi-invisible ladder in Greenlight land for a couple months. I suppose you could always wait and see how that goes.) Upgrades include full voice acting, snazzy high-res visuals, and all-important mouse-and-keyboard support.

As for the actual viability of Waking Mars as a PC game, I think it'll be just fine. Actually, I feel like it's a much better fit for this type of interface, all told. Controls involve a lot of pointing and aiming (to plant seeds), and exploration unfolds very similarly to a simple Metroidvania - but with more jetpacking. So assuming Tiger Style handled the port with its typical, large-cat-like precision, I don't think there's much to be worried about.

You want to learn more, you say? That's a good attitude. We could use more folks like you on fictional animal garden Mars. In the meantime, though, this video ought to bring you up to speed.

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