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River City Ransom: Underground kicking off this month

A new Double Dragon arrived this week, looking very much like the old one, and more throwback beatdowns are coming later this month with River City Ransom: Underground [official site]. The crowdfunded revival of ye olde side-scrolling beat 'em up will launch on February 27th, developers Conatus Creative have announced. Watching a new trailer, I am delighted by the combination of acrobatic attacks and enemies pulling goofy slack-jawed faces as they're biffed about. Have a look:

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It is pleasing to watch those mugs get mashed.

Underground the usual story: bad things are going down in River City, so you and your pals need to duff up thugs. It's got a lineup of ten characters and River City is a bit action-RPG-y, with stat boosts and new attacks bought as you go. Neatly, its multiplayer co-op and arena deathmatch modes support both local and online play.

This is an official licensed River City Ransom game, to be clear, and was Kickstarted in 2013. Arc System Works currently own River City -- and the rest of the Kunio-kun series, like Super Dodge Ball -- having picked up creator Technos' catalogue in 2015.

River City Ransom: Underground is coming to Windows and Mac on February 27th then Linux later. The game will be on Steam and Conatus do plan for it to hit GOG too.

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