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Rock Of Ages 3: Make & Break crashes out today

Rock n' roll n' make n' break

Rock Of Ages 3: Make & Break has smashed through Steam's castle gates - presumably squashing the little papercraft Gabe that resides within, killing him instantly. As per the name, Ace Team's latest boulder-pusher lets you construct your very own delightful fantasy hillsides, each doomed to be crushed by your apocalyptic orb of choice. It's been a perilous month-long tumble through open beta, but finally, Rock Of Ages 3 is ready to get rolling.

Naturally, Ace pushed things off with a new launch trailer - hurling yet more boulders, cheese-wheels, meatballs and other assorted spherical nonsense down precarious, Monty Python-esque pathways.

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The big difference this time 'round is a level editor, letting you piece together your own bespoke descents in all manner of themes - including a delicious-looking spaghetti land demonstrated in the launch vid. These can then be shared online, giving you a nice bank of community-created hills to demolish once you've run over the base game's tracks.

Mind, there's plenty to get through before you start downloading other people's hellish hillsides. There's another big daft story mode full of ahistorical mischief, cut-out gags and absurd boss fights. But Rock Of Ages 3 also includes a smattering of new gamemodes. Humpty Dumpty's extremely fragile ball challenges you to complete courses in under two hits, while Time Trials have you rolling a bomb set to go off after a set time. Avalanche, meanwhile, puts you on the defensive, tasking you with fending off a swarm of furious boulders.

Massive rocks are something of a trend for Ace right now, it seems. The Eternal Cylinder - a game that effectively puts you in the footsteps of Rock Of Ages' doomed cardboard peasants - made an appearance earlier this not-E3 season, and it still looks fantastically, bafflingly strange. As you'd want from Ace Team, really.

At time of writing, we still don't have a release date for that colossal rolling pin. But if spheres are more your speed, Rock Of Ages 3 is out now on Steam for £25/€30/$30. Smashing stuff.

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