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Na Na Nah, Really: Rocket League Batmobile DLC Out

Atomic batteries to power. Turbines to speed.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice looks proper gash, doesn't it? Ooh it's so grim and gritty and boring, boring, boring. Yeah, go growl in the rain some more, you big babies. Still, those lot may be busy posing, but it seems the Batmobile's AI still has time for fun. Today it screeched onto the pitch in Rocket League [official site], joining all the other sentient cars playing fo- oh my god they're going to make a Knight Rider at some point, aren't they?

Sorry, Batmobile first. So! £1.59/$1.99 on Steam will get you a recreation of Bats v Supe's Batmobile, which looks a sportier model of the Tumbler Batmobile from Nolan's movie trilogy, along with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman antenna flags.

I'm maybe a touch suprised the Batheads at Warner Bros. wouldn't release this free as a freebie promo for the film but hey, £1.59 is how much an obscure failed car from the '80s costs because it was in some documentary or something.

If famous fictional cars are to become A Thing, where will our favourite game of 2015 look next? Yes, I agree with you - Brum would be an obvious choice. But remember that it's still not clear whether Rocket League's cars have drivers or are themselves the players, so cars need to cover their driver's seat to keep the illusion. Surely Knight Rider's KITT? It's got turboboost and everything.

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