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RPS FIRST: Inside A Post Of Inside Assassin's Creed III

It's one of the most anticipated blog posts in internet history. Now, in a one-part series, get an inside look at the creation of a blog post about a making of trailer for Assassin's Creed III. Inside the process that's behind one of the most exciting articles ever written. Inside the technical breakthroughs that made it all possible. And inside the mind of John Walker, one of the greatest games journalists ever to have lived.

"I just sit in front of the keyboard, and the genius falls out."

This is, Inside A Post About Assassin's Creed III.

Thursday morning, 9.25am, legendary games journalist John Walker looks at the schedule and sees there's a space that needs filling at 10am. But what to do?

"Guys, there's a space that needs filling at 10am. But what to do?"

The team scrambles into action. "I dunno, have you checked the email?" mumbles Jim Rossignol, carefully concealing his panic. "Sorry, what?" says Adam Smith, abandoning his extreme concentration and lifting his head from his desk. Alec Meer stirs, as Nathan sits thousands of miles away, knowing something is wrong. The team is in full action.

"The 10am slot is an incredibly pivotal time for gaming websites," explains game blog historian, Simon Underpreach. "Making a mistake here can leave a site in dire straits until 10.30."

"The right man for this is definitely John Walker," says former RPS staff writer Kieron Gillen. "No one could do a better job than him - he's the best in the business, and the only man we can trust to put up a video in the morning. And he's an amazing healer."

"The fascinating thing for me," explains Walker, "is that I just paste the embed code and it all happens."

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"Then," contributes Professor Anthony Stretchtree of Middlesupperborough University, "Walker just blends into the background."

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