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RPS premium supporters can claim their free copy of Against The Storm today, in time for playable foxes

Say hello to the Sentinels Of The Forest update

As I was pleased to let you know earlier this week, the next free game for RPS premium supporters is roguelite citybuilder Against The Storm. This is your reminder that you can log on to claim your copy today, April 13th, from 4pm BST/8am PT. That should be around the same time as Against The Storm gets is new free update, Sentinels Of The Forest, which adds Foxes as a playable species, along with new buildings, abilities, and porridge - the most sensible of all the breakfast foods

We don't have infinite codes, so this key drop, kindly provided by publishers Hooded Horse, is on a first come, first served basis until we run out.

Claiming your code is as easy as eating warm oat slop. As an RPS premium supporter, simply sign in to your ReedPop ID and, from 4pm BST onwards, you'll be able to get your code by visiting the Codes page on your account. All you do then is boot up Steam, click "Activate a Product on Steam..." and copy in your key to start your juicy download.

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Against The Storm is a dark fantasy citybuilder about which commenters and, more importantly, our Graham have a lot of good things to say. You're not just building one settlement over time, but linking that into a chain of other settlements at the behest of an impatient queen, to create a huge web of prosperous civilisation through a giant and forbidding forest.

Because it's a fantasy, you get to play as species other than boring ol' humans. The new hotness that are the Foxes have low resilience but fewer demands, and because they have a close connection with the forest they ignore forest-based resolve penalties. Not to be sniffed at! My favourite thing I have learned in the course of writing this post is that Foxes bring five new buildings, including dedicated Fox houses and a distillery, and, most crucially a Tea House and a Tea Doctor. As a tea-based sub-species myself, I have a lot of respect for their way of life. As you may have also gathered, Foxes eat porridge. Numnumnum.

All the existing species, including, e.g. Lizards and Beavers, have been tweaked so the game maintains balance with the additon of its cunning new denizens (because some of the others won't like porridge, presumably). I'm not usually this positive in these posts, because I'm maintaining my journalistic distance, but Against The Storm does look very much my jam, is the problem...

If you, like me, find yourself intrigued, then make sure you're by your PC or phone at 4pm BST/8am PT today so you can log in and nab a code.

If this kind of thing makes you want to support RPS, then you can wander over to take a butchers at the different tiers and benefits therof, here. You'd not only be doing me a solid, but you get an ad-free browsing experience on RPS, extra posts, and more game key giveaways like this one going on right now. Neato! I already know what the next one will be, and I think it's pretty cool.

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