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Against The Storm's latest update continues to revamp its world map, adds a big egg

Egg egg egg egg egg

Against The Storm is a fantasy citybuilder in which you're challenged to construct not a sprawling metropolis, but a series of small settlements scattered across a world map wilderness. Recent updates have focused on making that world map more interesting and dynamic, including another released today.

The straightforwardly-named World Events update adds five new choosy, consequence-rich encounters to stumble across, as well as polishing older events, improving the UI, and more.

Here's a trailer for an older Against The Storm update.Watch on YouTube

The World Events update is continuing work started in last month's Cycles Reforged update. It began a huge overhaul of Against The Storm's meta-layer - that is, the world map and any system that sits outside of its colony building. The changes included physically placing players upon the map, so your caravan must travel to each new location you want to build upon; the World Events system that gives you dicey decisions via to make while travelling from hex to hex; and Ancient Seals, which players are ultimately trying to reforge via their travels and settlement building.

All of which offers context for today's update that adds more World Events, as well as making user interface improvements to make the Ancient Seal system "more player friendly and easier to interact with," according to the developer blog post.

I played Against The Storm last year and had a great time with it. It's a "roguelike city builder", but the roguelike elements and small settlement sizes in some ways allow it to be more flexible and less fiddly than other citybuilders. I really want to go back to it now so I can steal that Stormbird's big egg.

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