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RPS@PAX 2023: Hell Of An Office is a fiendishly fast action-platformer in the vein of Neon White

World's worst boss

I've played a bunch of indie game demos at PAX East, but none left my head reeling as much as 43 Studios' fiendishly frantic action platfotmer Hell Of An Office. It's a super fast parkour adventure in the vein of Neon White, and after ten minutes with the demo my heart race was through the roof. If I owned a fitbit it would have been screaming at me to have a nice sit down with a cuppa. Check out my full impressions in the video below:

Quick note! I mention in the video that Hell Of An Office isn't out in Early Access yet, but it is! You can check out the Steam page here.

Hell Of An Office puts your platforming reflexes to the test as you're tasked with sprinting ad jumping your way straight outta hell. With only a stapler as your means of survival, you need to navigate through each level before it slowly sinks into the burning lava. React quickly, or fall victim to Hell's scorching pools.

If you love the blood-pumping, sweaty palm inducing action-platforming of Neon White, make sure to keep an eye on Hell Of An Office as it makes it's way through Early Access.

If you're keen to see other indie highlights from PAX East, we've got a lot more for you over on the RPS@PAX tag. Make sure to check out our Animal Well interview (a favrouite of mine) as well as our video listing the coolest stuff we saw on the show floor.

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