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Rumour: MS Streaming Tech Puts Halo 4 On PC

Forever in Electric Streams...

Each game rumour I hear gives me the urge to return to a previous life. To look at me, you wouldn't have known that I was capable of such deception, but I led a dual existence for so long that I'm still not sure where he ends and I begin. He was someone else before we were joined, and he's been someone else for the past few years, but I was probably him for the long - oh no, he's waking up. Quick! Hide your secrets! Lock the gadget chest! You mustn't let him - [squelchy sounds, ruffle of clothes, the room darkens]. Hello, Readers. The Spy is happy to make your acquaintance. Would you like to know about how Microsoft has Halo 4 running on a PC?

No. NO! I can't go back. All those gadgets. All that sneaking. That's not me, anymore. I'm Craig! And Craig damn well isn't going to be talking in the third-per - oh. Too late. Focus on the rumour, Craig. Focus...

The rumour comes from the Verge. Their unnamed source claims that they recently demonstrated a new streaming service by showing off Windows and their new phones streaming Halo 4 from the cloud.

It makes sense. Microsoft have been gradually focusing on cloud services for the past few years, and the Xbone will have a large cloud component. The raw computing power will be in place. No need for a dedicated PC port when you can just stream things, eh? The demo was just a prototype to show the company what's possible, but they apparently do have plans to stream games to the PC. I'd also imagine that the choice of game is more emblematic than anything. This is about streaming tech and not the game they chose to demonstrate it.

This is one of those things where I'm not sure what to think. On the one hand, it's nice to think that Microsoft might attempt to re-engage with the PC and there might be an Xbone exclusive made available through it, but if this is the sole way they'll do it then I'd be disappointed. If all we get is streamed games, then there's no reason for MS to care about making stuff for the PC.
Still, there's no point in getting angry at a rumour.

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