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This sneaky solo Rust heist is a treat to watch

A grand caper!

The post-apocalyptic murderisland of Rust is one of those virtual lands I'm always interested in hearing good stories from, even if I'm unlikely to visit it myself (because it is a murderisland). The best I've heard in a while is a heist committed by YouTuber "Welyn", who set out on a revenge mission to sneak into a clan's heavily-fortified base and rob it blind all by himself. His edited highlights, with added commentary and some natty editing timed to the music, make for a cracking wee heist movie.

Observe, Welyn's grand crime in a video he posted earlier this month:

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That's some quality crime-doing right there.

For those who can't watch right now, I'll briefly recap. Welyn finds that the gas station, one of the island's landmark locations, has been surrounded with a vast wall. Which makes him curious. After someone from the group that have seized the land murders him in cold blood, he becomes really curious - and vengeful. So off he goes, probing the fortifications for vulnerable spots, sneaking in then covering his tracks, exhausting automated defences, doing a few murders, building a secret base inside their base, breaking into a secured tower with some canny ladders, and getting away with an embarrassment of riches.

The audacity of the crime is delightful, that he hops a weak spot in the wall over and over, covering his tracks each time, then sets himself up inside their supposed stronghold, and escapes over and over with more and more loot. I greatly appreciate that he edited the crime down to the easy-to-follow highlights too, with some snappy sequences and all (shame about the memes, but such is the Internet).

Welyn has some more decent capers on his YouTube channel.

Disclosure: Craig Pearson, the community fella at Rust developers Facepunch Studios (possibly not his actual job title), used to do words for RPS.

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