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Sadface: Tomb Raider DLC Will Not Offer Any New Tombs

Although I was disappointed with the new Tomb Raider, there's no question that the game really shone when it was offering you a tomb to explore, packed with puzzles to enjoy. In those moments it remembered the freedom the previous Crystal Dynamics games had offered, let you loose to solve for yourself, rather than get dragged down through its barely-linked cutscenes. That there were only seven of them (this number varying, horrendously, based upon from which shop you bought the game) was a massive shame. But DLC can fix that, right? Wrong. Very sadly, CD have said they've no intention of expanding the single-player game with DLC packs, instead focusing on the multiplayer.

Explained in a Reddit Ask Me Anything, Videogamer reports that the developer has "currently no plans" for any new single-player content. "All of our DLC is based our the multiplayer experience for now."

In some cases, this is the sort of decision that makes sense. Once a game is over, going back to add new content into it not only destroys any coherent narrative that was in place, but also can undermine the original experience - it certainly leads to "But why wasn't this in the game in the first place?" questions, and we have to have that whole debate again. But Tomb Raider already demolishes its own narrative (such as it is) at the end of its game anyway. Once you're done, the game lets you carry on on the island, looking for anything you may have missed, seeking down all the bonuses and extras, and 100%ing all the areas. In such circumstances, adding new content to this post-game experience makes perfect sense. And new tombs would be the ideal additions.

Unfortunately, that's not happening. So there you go.

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